13 good reasons to discover Street Art with children

What to do in Paris with your family this week-end?

With the closing of museums, cinemas and indoors activities, it's a real puzzle to find a family outing

You know it, I'm a fan of Street Art and I'm also aware that Street Art does not always have a positive image with parents😊 "Vandalism" "It's not art" ....

So, let's go, I'm sharing with you 13 good reasons to discover Street Art with your children

A big thank you to the groups Facebook Street Art - Au gré des grafs and Street Art that suggested me new reasons: a beautiful illustration of the great state of mind of Street Art fans!

  • Street Art develops the curiosity of children, their desire to dream

  • Street Art is art accessible to all
  • Street Art: Finally a museum where you can laugh and run!
  • To repaint the walls of the house (lol)
  • Street Art makes it possible to discover another culture
  • It is an art that is "not instituted", which they will remember when they will be older
  • Street Art develops (or maintains!) the ability to live the present moment
  • Street embellishes the city
  • Discover the Street Art works, it's free!
  • Street Art surprises us in our daily lives
  • It is a beautiful intergenerational activity: the children and the parents let themselves be surprised and learn together
  • Parents fall back into childhood, children enjoy theirs 😊  
  • Discover Street Art, it's an outdoor Activity, Covid Friendly😊

I also share some artists who sometimes fall back into childhood:

  • Of course the famous Space Invader!

Space Invader Street Art Exit Child Family
Clet Street Art Kids Exit Family
  • The gouzous of Jace

... and many other artists that you can discover in the Explorhappy Street Art Discovery Tours 😊

To live the experience thoroughly,

. Your child can take a small drawing notebook to reproduce works and describe his emotions

. Do not forget to take chalks in your bag! Give free rein to your creativity with your family on the sidewalks of the city (avoiding any vandalism, of course) ("Great a battle of Space Invaders with chalk")

Space Invader Course Street Art Child

. Immortalise your works and this moment with pictures: great effect and memories guaranteed!

We are lucky in Paris, we have many districts with lot of Street Art:

Montmartre, Butte aux Cailles, République, Marais, Coulée Verte and even the 15th!

And if it rains, we can always visit indoors:

  • The Jingle Art Gallery in the Marais
  • The Galleria Continue, still in the marais, which has just been inaugurated by JR
  • The Frigos in the 13th arrondissement: during open doors days
  • Ecole 42 in 17th arrondissement
  • Fluctuart on the quays, free organised visit

I only have to wish you a great family outing thanks to the discovery of Street Art!

If you have any questions contact me at stephanie@explorhappy.com or the IM

Looking forward to discover your best reason to discover Street Art with your Family!

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