4 original gifts, by French Start Ups for Granny!

Sunday, it's grandmas' day ....

Shouldn't we try to innovate a bit?

I found 4 original ideas from French start ups... that are so meaningful!


Well, ok they could have been called "Parlamamie" :-) (pun: parlapapi= talk to grandpa)

But the idea is good anyway:

Printed pictures for your grandparents from whatsapp: Members of your family will drop pictures on your WhatsApp group ... and your granny receives paper prints from these pictures :-)

End of the technical bugs To get pictures :-)

And I love their little sentence "prêt à arrêter de pousser mémé dans les ordis? :-)" (here again it's a pun with the expression "pousser mémé dans les orties".

click here for their website

Sunday Box

They started from the same problem: the technical bugs to get pictures ... but offer another solution .... the pictures directly arrive on granny's TV thanks to a small magical box - the Sunday Box- fixed on this TV .

In short, grannies will love all these pictures or videoss shared by the whole family :-)

click here for their website

Mamie, parle-nous de toi (Granny, tell us about you)!

Full of common sense ... and meaningful ... a book to complete that allows your grandmother to write her memories from her childhood until nowt ..

Click here for their website

Mamie, un petit biscuit (Granny, a little cookie)?

A little of sweetness and greed is always nice ;-)

Now, a great classic ... but that always hit the bull's eye ... the little customizable Shanty cookie ....

A small biscuit with the message "for my super granny" or "cookie granny ", you cannot refuse it ;-)

Click here for the website

And if, by any chance, you and your granny live in Ile de France, you can also spend a great time taking up the challenges of a self-guided walk Explorhappy :-)

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Mireille Durr

A propos d’offre de startup innovante, vous auriez pu évoquer Sa Petite Lettre, les lettres personnalisées pour enfants de 6 à 12 ans, pour que les Mamies aient des idées de discussion, activités, sorties avec leurs petits enfants. Toujours bon de favoriser les échanges intergénérationnels ;)

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