Discover the magic of the Street Artist : Seth

Yes, I have to confess ... I really enjoy the work of Seth

They often represent children thus inviting to reverie, to escape ... to poetry ... in the street ...

But who hides behind the name Seth?

Julien Malland alias Seth is a French artist street, born in Paris in 1972. he is at once a painter, a reporter, a publisher and a graffiti artist. He takes his inspiration from the meetings he does during his travels.

In 2003, he travelled around the world and shared his works on the street wall around the world. He made a book of this in 2007, "Global Painter" and even became a reporter for Canal+ (French Channel) for 7 years, in "new explorers" to make people discover street art in different countries of the world. Some videos of his trips and meetings are available on his website,

His works can be small or large formats.

Seth Buttes with Cars Street Art Child Explorehappy Seth Versailles Course Street Art Explorehappy Kids Exit Family

He also makes works on canvas or sculptures as well as exhibitions in galleries. The last exhibition in Itinerrance gallery was very successful.

You can follow him on instagram @seth_globePainter

Dive into Seth's magic with the Explorhappy tour Butte aux Cailles and soon in that of Versailles (where he has just finished his work 'Respire' (breathe) ....)

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