Spot 13, a useum where you can run, speak loud... and even draw

For a long time I have wanted to share with you this little Parisian gem!

Heading to Porte de Bercy at n°20 Boulevard du Général-d'Armée-Jean-Simon in the 13th arrondissement: take the stairs that goe down right next to the Street Art Lavo Matik gallery and we're off for a Live Street Art Immersion!

I promise you adventure and beautiful discoveries in this waste ground ... not necessarily super glamor :-) but giving a change of scene!

The exploration begins at the staircase that is home of many works with for instance the beautiful portrait of Artisterast and the drawings by Rémi Cieco, who were, both, put in the spotlight at the Lavo Matik

Spot 13 Explorehappy

Remi Cieco Spot 13 Explorehappy

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and do not hesitate to venture into the different small "rooms" on the right and on the left with beautiful discoveries into the bargain:

Spot 13 Explorehappy


Now, be creative with chalk on the floor (or aerosols made from chalk).

Continue and then turn left where you can see many frescos including one by Anna Conda that you may have already encountered in the Street Art tour Coulée Verte but also one by Berthet One which is also present in the Tours République and Canal St Martin. 


Under the ring road, if you wish, go and have a look at the tags still in construction with sometimes beautiful surprises!

Come back on your steps at the foot of the stairs where you started (do not go up) and go on the right to discover other artworks

Spot 13 Explorehappy

At the end of the street, turn left,  and continue straight and before taking another staircase that brings you back to the street, say hi to a Space Invader :-)

Space Invader Spot 13 Explorehappy

I hope that you enjoyed this small open air museum ...

Of course if you have very young children, I advise you to keep an eye on them, we are in a waste ground :-)

Have a nice exploration!

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