A Street Art treasure hunt with Linestreet

Linestreet comes back on Sunday in Paris to launch his Street Art treasure hunt!

Rules of the Game :

. 4 of his paintings (20cmx20cm) will be dropped off in Paris on Sunday

. Clues will be available on his Facebook and Instagram accounts @line.street.art

. Anyone can find and take a painting

Only conditions: to make it travel, take pictures of it in its new place and release it :-)

The photos will be shared especially on his website and his Instagram account

Some paintings have already had the chance to travel to Japan, Korea, Mexico ...

Linestreet seeks to create the surprise, joy and magic of meetings

Who is Linestreet?

He is a French and discreet Street Artist who lives in Caen

His works are recognisable by its lines (hence his name ;-)) and its bright colors.

These little characters who fix us, the "bouhh", are full of mysteries: who are they really?

Linestreet wants to "free" art in the street and also sticks his works in the city.

We can find his collages on the tour Coulée verte, among others.

Have a Street Art treasure hunt with your family!

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