Our history


"Mom, I'm fed up", "Mom, I want to go back"

Mom, active, Parisian of 2 girls of 9 and 12 years old,I, I, have known these great moments of loneliness during the exit (after spending (much) from time to the internet to prepare it ...)

That's why I create Explorehappy to alleviate the mental burden of moms (or dads) that organize outings with a turnkey program and challenges, funny anecdotes to interest the children at the exit ....

Having worked in the field of coloring for the children and on the brand the laughing cow, I am always amazed by thePower of the game: 

It is a magic learning lever for children ... and the ability for parents to find their child's eyes and their ability to enjoy the present moment.

With Explorhappy, I want to focus all my energy (positive) on a project that makes sense for me: Stimulate the curiosity of children so that they become positive explorers of everyday life ... while passing super moments with your family!

Beyond the game, Art also stimulates the curiosity of children (and parents!) and that's why Street Art plays an important role in Explorehappy

Street Art is art in the street:Finally a museum where you can touch the works, speak strong, laugh, run, or give free rein to its creativity! It is the art that embellishes the city, the art that surprises and wake up our curiosity! Children love and parents find their child's eye!

The cinema outings, museum, guided tour reach quickly the 30 or even 40 € for 4 .. and so the outings can become rare ...

I wish to make family outings accessible in Paris with courses at 6 € per unit for a complete exit

This price includes:

- the work of recognition and research around the courses and artists

- the construction of the course with the step step by step,

- Restaurant ideas, pastry, playgrounds ....

- as well as the construction of the challenges and anecdotes around the place and artists

- ... and all my positive energy!

- ... but no budget pub ;-)

.... talk around you for that I can develop new courses!


More than ever, stimulate the curiosity of our children and let's move from great moments with your family!

Good family exploration!

Thank you for all your testimonials who make me warm in the heart! Continue! That's what boosted me every morning :-)



PS: your ideas, returns will always be precious to me, do not hesitate to contact me: stephanie@explorhappy.com

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