Luxemburg garden Latin zone exit

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This route gives you a chance to enjoy The charm of Latin.

Through the works of street artist c215, you are lucky to find the famous characters buried in the Pantheon!

find alsoPage of street artist Original (c215, intruder, Waabi Sabi ..) ... pouR company Certainly. Finally, take a walk in the beautiful garden of Luxembourg!

Included in the curriculum, it is an ideal choice for children aged 5-12:

  • 1 turnkey outputWith a step-by-step route (floor plan), game or rest area, restaurant / Pastry idea,
  • Page ofFamily challenges 
  • Page ofanecdote On the famous artists and characters in the history
  • The duration is 1 15, no rest or challenge
  • Departure and arrival: RER B Luxembourg

Everything is ready! You can breathe quietly and enjoy this great family activity!

Special covid: -) outdoor, completely autonomous, no need to book or contact others

It can be purchased by unit (6 euro / time for one family) or 10 euro twice

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