12 ideas of conversations to have i family to boost children's self-confidence!

Let's face it, sometimes we are just tired and the conversations during meals are focused on the logistics of the week, the school results ... or what is or is not in the fridge ("You forgot to buy Ketchup !!!!" )

In short, I'm sharing with you some topics of conversation that you can start during a meal ... .with a double "Kiss cool" effect... you will spend a great time while boosting the creativity and self-confidence of your children!

Give your opinion!

The first time we ask the question: "What did you prefer during your day / outing / vacation?" The children are a little "sharp" .... then gradually they start to share an opinion, they get into the habit of doing so and then they are the ones who, spontaneously, will ask you the question! :-)

Let's try the zero waste!

Reflect as a family: what do we do most? How could we remove this waste? With the kids, we flashed on the snacks with cake packaging and stewed fruit flasks ... and sometimes we can try to prepare ourself a snack, avoiding any waste, dare?

How was it?

.... a nice question that stimulates the imagination of children: "How was this place 100 years ago, 1000 years ago... 100,000 years ago?: What did we eat? (And how?), Who was there? How were people dressed? How did we come to this place? And how will this place be in 100 years ... 100,000 years

I, President ...

Very fashionable right now, let's launch the following topic "And if you were the president of your country, what would you do? "Looking forward to read your manifestos ...

The deserted island

What object would you take on a deserted island? and why ?

What super power would you like to have?

Everyone participates and shares what he would like to do with this super power!

Your first memories of childhood?

Moving and often funny, parents and children share their 1st child memories

Magic wand !

If you had a magic wand, what would you like to change in you and in the world?


What is the new thing you would like to do? Beyond the answers that are always interesting, these sharings develop self-confidence

Too strong !

What is the most difficult thing you have ever done? Parents and children participate

I wish you animated exchanges during your meals😊 and you will see the virtuous circle ... your kids will be very happy to launch these "crazy" conversation topics ... but that really do good😊

And you, what is the most creative conversation subject you had?

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