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Here are some of your heartwarming testimonies...

“Congrats again for what you are doing, everyone finds their groove, and the adults get caught up in the game too. The challenges galvanise and give rhythm to the walk” Nathalie

“Great experience with the Montmartre tour! It was easy and fun, and my 5-year-old daughter loved it. Long live Explorhappy!” Marine

“It really was great, and the children were delighted. It is a super idea; we definitely are going to try other tours!” Isa

“I tried the street art tour in the Marais, and everyone loved it. We realize that everyday we miss lots of wonderful things…”

“We have spent a great afternoon. The tour as well as the challenges were well-adapted. At the current moment, thank you for helping us occupy our children!” Virginie

“Our children loved it, I will soon send you some pictures and our feedback! Congrats again for this concept” Bouchéra

“I have been a nanny for 4 years now and I just discovered the tours. We did Parc de Saint Cloud tour with two children aged 6 and 9 and it was great. The children loved it and me too!” Mallaury

“We did the Street Art self-guided walk in Versailles, and it was great!”

“We loved it and it and it was perfectly adapted to a walk with children. Our daughter, who usually doesn’t like walking was unstoppable J Thanks again for this great initiative. We will probably try other walks” Cécile

We tried the Street Art tour Montmartre during a sunny afternoon with 4 children between 6 and 8 and 2 moms. The 4 children really got caught up in the game and the more we moved forward in the tour, the more expert about Street Art their eyes became. They noticed more and more details on the walks and each time faster.

A tour a bit “nostalgic » for one of the 2 moms that has lived during 12 years in this district, right opposite an artwork! We just added a return trip in cable car at the end. It is a little bonus that the children enjoyed.

As for the rewards, we stopped at Librairie des Abesses, rue Yvonne le Tac. Each child got a small book about Paris. We highly recommend this tour! Do not forget your chalks to draw on the floor!” Fanny

“We tried the tour Boulogne, with our family, including a 7-year-old child. We took our bikes and we were off to the starting point: les Grandes Cascades.

Really nice tour and challenges. We laughed a lot! It took us a bit more than 3 hours to do everything, taking time for a snack break and taking up all the challenges (except the hut).

We highly recommend this tour with a bike because it can be a bit long for children’s legs!

A very nice way to discover or rediscover Bois de Boulogne, we really recommend this tour!” Fanny

“Some very nice discoveries with a huge favourite for Seth and MissTic. My daughter also loved taking up the challenges. She got caught up in the game. Thanks again for these nice discoveries”

“It was very nice. Motivating for the children and the little parks between walking moments were much appreciated!” A.

“Thank you for this nice adventure! We had a great day!” 

...And your beautiful drawings!

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Defi Chalk ExplorehappyDefi Chalk Explorehappy

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