3 inoovative cultural initiatives to discover in Paris

I'm happy to share with your the good vibes of these 3 innovative cultural initiatives:

Street artists decorate the facades of restaurants to spread a little joy and dream while waiting for their reopening

The Hors d'oeuvre project was initiated in Lyon in January by the Crozes Hermitage appellation and spread to Paris in April

A nice initiative to support both artists, restaurateurs and winemakers!

Here is the list of restaurants where you will see these works:

  • Restaurant: Origines, Paris 8 - Artist: Gabrielle Rul
  • Restaurant: Pouliche, Paris 11 - Artist: Etienne Quesnay
  • Brasserie: Baltard au Louvre, Paris 1 - Artist: Yakes
  • Wine bar: Le Dénicheur, Paris 2 - Artist: Claire Courdavaut
  • Wine bar: Glou, Paris 3 - Artist: Theo Haggai
  • Frenchie Wine Bar, Paris 2 - Artist: Toctoc
  • Restaurant: Le Sergent Recruteur, Paris 4 - Artist: Alexandre Beretta
  • Le Saint Sébastien, Paris 11 - Artist: Bebar
  • Bistrot: Le Petit Sommelier, Paris 14 - Artist: Miette
  • IDA, Paris 15 - Artist: Oji

Here is a picture of Toctoc's work with his famous Duduss

Our shopkeepers are headleading at the cinema

On the facades of 11 cinemas in France, the traditional film posters have been replaced by photographs of small local shopkeepers, catapulted super stars!

In Paris, we can see it at MK2 Odeon cinema

An initiative funded by BNP Paribas

Mika gives up colors to Paris

I already told you about it, I love this initiatve and, there are new creations ...

What a nice surprise to find these beautiful illustrations in Paris at the corner of a street ....

Bravo Mika for this initiative "Stay High" he thought about this name to bring a little joy and good mood to the "Stay Safe" recommendation


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