5 original activities to do with explorer children duringt the holidays!

Not easy to find original activities during the holidays!

... where children can unwind and discover new activities ... escape a little from daily life ... according to their interests ... .and respecting health measures!

These 5 activities should be open with the current health restrictions (but as every day is a new day😉, check before booking)

Wanting to explore the air?

Let's go for a hot air balloon ride!

Embark on the hot air balloon, go up in the air and discover a unique view over Paris

Be careful, call before going to checkit is possible because there are no hot air balloon exploration if the weather is bad


Wanting to explore underwater?

You are  rather a freshwater sailor: it is possible to navigate on the canal of the Ourq or on the Bassin (pond) of La Villette in a small boat that you can drive without a boat license

Embark and go for the adventure


Wanting to explore the Tarzan way😊?

Wanting to climb the trees and let go in the air ... shouting "oooooooo" ... you are made for tree top adventure courses!

What a happiness to unwind with your family surrounded by nature

Several places possible: we like the floral park and accrocamp which has several sites in the west of Paris (Meudon, Rueil, St Germain)


Wanting to explore the savannah?

The Thoiry Zoo is currently closed but a nice exhibition has been developed: Thoiry Lumière Sauvage. More than a 1000 animals, characters and other illuminated scenes take place in the gardens of the castle. You can do a safari from 7:30 to 9:30 or between 14h and 18h00


Wanting to explore the magic of wild Art?

A very nice place to visit with the children: the squat at the 59 rue Rivoli: a former hausmanian building, squatted, which now welcomes artists' workshops

At present, we can not visit the apartments / workshops but the gallery is open and hosts an exhibition


If you want to extend this artistic exploration, you can dive into the Explorhappy Street Art tours😊

And transform each outing into adventure:

Entrust responsibility for the preparation of the bag (and snack) to your children

Will they bring their explorer notebook? ....

A challenge to take up?😊

I wish you beautiful family explorations and share your exploration ideas!

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