7 little well hidden heavens to discover in Paris

Wanting to take some air and avoid crowds ...

I'm sharing with you 7 little hidden heavens of the capital:

- La Coulée Verte (12th)

Real gem of greenery hidden in the heights and then below the streets, we never get tired of discovering or rediscovering it...

There is even a superb green space to rest or unwind: the Jardin de Reuilly

The 2nd part (below) can be done by bike or roller ...

And in addition, with it it is possible to discover Street Art with your Family, thanks to a really nice self guided walk that combines walking in green spaces and street art :-)

Opt for the morning to go there if you want to feel like you were the only ones in the world

Metro Gare de Lyon or Michel Bizot

- Le Jardin des Grands Explorateurs

Near the Luxembourg Garden, it is less known .. but also more tranquil

Just as green, it is home to several sculptures including the enormous globe of the 4 parts of the world fountain!

After that you may want to (re)discover the Latin Quarter through Street Art

Avenue de l'Observatory (6th)

- Les arènes de Lutèce

One of the oldest monuments of Paris, built in the 1st century (the oldest monument? The obelisk on the Place de la Concorde :-))

They could contain up to 15,000 people

Well hidden, we access it for free from 4 Rue des Arènes (when the museums will open !, Historical monument!))

- Square du Temple

Well hidden, in front of the town hall of the 3rd Arrondissement, it has a playground, waterfalls and a green space where one can lay down

.... it's a good starting point to (re)discover the Marais with the eye of a Street Artist!

- Jardin des Rosiers- Joseph Migneret

Very hidden gem, invisible from the street

We can enter it from number 10 Rue des Rosiers and we savor its calm in the middle of the flowers (and roses :-)) and beautiful private mansions!

Note: this garden has changed its name (Bourgeois Francs before) it now wears the name of the Director of the Neighboring School, Joseph Migneret, Resistant during the 2nd World War, who saved many children.

- The Gardens of the Royal Palace (Jardins du Palais Royal)

In the center of Paris and very well hidden!

This is the opportunity to (re)discover the columns of Buren and take great pictures :-) but also to discover a quiet and well-flowered park

If you want to continue the adventure until the Louvre, you can (re)discover the hidden treasures of the Tuileries garden with his sculptures by Dubuffet or Maillol

Metro Palais Royal

- Jardin Naturel du Père Lachaise

As its name indicates, we do not try to master this small garden near the Père-Lachaise Cemetery ... A small corner of natural greenery where nature has taken over all rights!

120 rue de la Reunion

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