13 activities to occupy children in the car... off screens :-)

Phew, we take a few days of vacation or we take children to the grandparents!

And, after a few hours (minutes ;-)?) in the car .. the challenge begins ... how to occupy children in the car ... without screens!

With or without material, you can choose from these 13 activities (it brings happiness :-))

Good road !

  • The "++":

A simple construction game with infinite possibilities, which stores in a small bag that does not take room in the handbag


  • "Cure pipes chenilles"

Light, very simple to take away in the bag, we can twist them again and again to form letters, objects or characters ... at home we can cover them with modeling clay that dries in the air to immortalize one's work!


  • Inventing stories, with playmobils!

  • Stickers books

  • With clet, all the wrong ways are allowed

Draws or photocopy a wrong way sign, then your child can draw on it and give it a 2nd life as a Clet does

Clet Explorehappy

And if you fall for Clet's work, discover what he does in Montmartre tour

  • The hanged man !

A pen and we're off! Ideal to revise spelling ;-)

  • Scoubidou Party!

A few threads in the bag .... and you go out of the car or train with a new key door or wrist band

  • The naval battle

Draw a grid on a sheet of paper and then position the vessels ... We're off for the naval battle!

  • Exquisite corpses

A child begins to tell 1 sentene of a story, then another child or the following adult continues with a sentence of the history ... so on

  • The alphabet

Everyone must, in turn, give the name of an object present in the landscape you cross. We start with the letter A. When someone has no more idea they are eliminated and we go on to the next letter.

  • How was it ....

A nice question that stimulates the imagination of children: "How was this place you are crossing 100 years ago, 1000 years ago... 100,000 years ago?: What did we eat? (And how?), Who was there? How were they dressed? How did we come to this place? And how will this place be in 100 years ... 100,000 years

  • The meditation of the dry grapes (or the piece of bread :-))

You are martians landing on earth and you discover a piece of bread for the first time: you look at this piece of bread from every angle, you touch it, you feel it by closing your eyes, then you bite into it, slowly chew. Take the time together to describe each step: you rediscover together the good taste of bread, quietly.

  • Your first memories of childhood?

Moving and often funny, parents and children share their 1st childhood memories!

And you, have you other great activities to share?

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