Discover the free exhibition, open-air, of the "Chat" of Geluck and other famous cats decorating Paris

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From March 26, " Le Chat" (The cat) of Geluck will be the super star of a free open-air exhibition on the Champs Elysées.

"Le Chat" from every angle with 20 monumental sculptures!

On this occasion the gallery Huberty & Breyne (36 Avenue Matignon) will unveil the drawings made by Philippe Geluck to make his sculptures

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It is also the opportunity to (re)discover the other famous cats that decorate Paris:

M. Chat: Montmartre

M. Chat likes to fly (with or without wings) and decorate the hard-to-reach places, as here in Montmartre tour.

He always has a huge communicative smile on the lips :-)

Behind M.Chat hides the Franco-Swiss artist Thoma Vuille who got the idea of ​​M.Chat observing the drawings of a little girl ...

You can follow him on instagram @ m.chat_official



 Chanoir Republic

Chanoir is a French-Colombian artist.

During his studies, he gives drawing classes to a little girl who will offer him a drawing: a big cat. Bongo! It's a click! He will a variety of this "black cat" in Street Art! (Which goes to show that children's creativity often inspire Street Artists!)

His "cats" are of all colors, all forms, all breeds, all free and equal.

Here a Chanoir discovered in the République / Canal St Martin tour

You can follow him on Instagram @ Chanoir1980


Jijithecat Republic

3 things we know about this artist:

He is obviously a fan of Miyasaki's animation movie "Kiki, the little witch" because you recognized his partner in crime, the cat Jiji!

He likes to repeat: "At night, all cats are ... free"

He is very present in Paris, especially in the tours Butte aux cailles, and République 

You can follow him on instagram @ paris.jiji.1777

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