Street Art frescos to discover in family on 'Quais de Seine' (Seine banks)

A nice initiative to galvanise the reopening of restaurants and terraces ... and a nice street art walk to take with your family!

We discover huge frescos at our feet, on the 'Quais of Seine', close to 5 Parisian bridges.

Pont des Invalides: the artist Erell

Erell draws his inspiration from tags and geometric forms interacting with the urban environment, here the Fluctuart barge.

It is the opportunity to discover on a free visit, this urban art barge museum

Street Art with Family Explorehappy Erell

The Ponts Alexandre III and Mirabeau with the artist Pimax

Take a break at the barge Rosa Bonheur and follow the giant rainbow coming out of the Pimax spray

Street Family Art Explorehappy Pimaxart

The Pont Marie with the multifaceted artist Jean Marie Caddeo, near the barge the Marcounet

Street Art with Family Explorehappy Jmcaddeo

The Pont de Bercy with the artist Gilbert Mazout

To conclude, I'm sharing with you a quote that summarizes the state of mind of the event, by Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, artistic director of the event, founder of the Fluctuart and director of the school ICART

"In the street, place in which passers-by are strolling without asking questions, Street Art arouses their interestbringing them to wonder about their daily lives and their environment.

Thanks to the artists who have agreed to make their city more beautiful and put art within everyone's reach. "

Everyone, habve a nice exploration!

Do you want to extend the experience with a self-guided street art walk?

Click here!

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