Become an Explorer Parent testing our new online activity with your family "Become a Street Artist with your crew"

Several moms told me that they would like to discover funny Street Artists and especially share an original activity with their child (but without using sprays :-))

So let's go! I conceived an Online Street Art Discovery Activity "Become a street artist with your crew" with:

  • a first interactive part where you discover Street Artists who kept their child's eyes (some pictures as a teasing😊) 
cyclop clet
  • A 2nd part where, with family, you become Street Artists: your artist name, style, message you want to pass using collages and coloring (no sprays :-))
  • and a 3rd surprise part ;-)

The activity lasts for 1h15 with 2 possibilities on Wednesday, February 17 at 10:00 or 14:30

You have to have coloured pencils, felt pens, glue, paper

 The conditions to become an explorer parent and test this activity for free:

. Be available for 1h15 with your child (between 7 and 11 years old) Wednesday, February 17 at 10:00 or 14:30

. Have a good internet connection

. Accept a 15 minutes phone call with me by February 28 to share what you liked or not :-)

. And be part of the first 10 parents to answer me at by telling me the number and age of your children and the time you have chosen (10h or 14h30)

If you would like to be an explorer parent but you are not available at this date, you can also send me an email :-) I could organise other sessions!

Very excited to share this experience with you!

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Je suis tentée par l’expérience à 10h mercredi prochain !
J’ai deux enfants de 8 et 10 ans

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