Where is it possible to pick Lily of the Valley in the Parisian region

We take advantage of a ray of sunshine to go looking for these little spirgs of happiness

The tradition of offering a lily of the valley spring as a lucky charm on the 1st of May goes back to the Renaissance.

We're off for a nice walk in the forest!

It's also an opportunity to build a beautiful hut with your family!

cabin in the woods Explorehappy

But be careful not to take the root of the lily of the valley so they can grow  back next year

- South of Paris, Forêt de Meudon

- Further south, a great classic the Forêt de Rambouillet

You will be more likely to find lily of the valley arounnd Poigny la Forêt, near Bois des Buttes Rondes, Etangs de Gripperreux

Rambouillet ExplorehappyRambouillet Explorehappy cabin

You may have the chance to see a more than 500 years-old oak ...

Chene Rambouillet Explorehappy

- To the west, at the gates of Paris, the magnificent Domaine de St Cloud

In the highest and wooded part, a real breath of fresh air at the gates of Paris

And if you want to discover the English and French gardens as well as a magnificent view over Paris, try the Parc de St Cloud self guided walk

St Cloud ExplorehappySt Cloud ExplorehappySt Cloud Explorehappy

- a little further west, the Forêt de Versailles-Porchefontaine

- North, the Domaine de Chantilly:

You will be more likely to find lily of the valley in Forêt de Pontarmé, towards the cross of Pontarmé

- Eastern Paris, Forêt de Ferrières 

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