Street Art Walk République/ Canal St Martin

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(Re)discover the unique République / Canal St Martin area through well known Street Artists (Space Invader, Chanoir, Berthet One ...) or not ...while spending a great time with your family!

Street Art is the art in the street: finally a museum where you can touch the works, speak loud, laugh, run, or give free rein to your creativity! It is the art that embellishes the city, the art that surprises and arouses our curiosity! Children love it and parents fall back into their childhood!

Though, we are very sorry, but we have not yet made an English version of this self guided walk. 

However, we would like to develop new products in the future so if visiting République / Canal St Martin with an Explorhappy self-guided walk is something you would be interested in, please contact us at

Although, we already have several tours we adapted in English, click here to discover them