Versailles Art Street outing

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(RE) explore this unique and historic place with a new vision: the eyes of street artists!

In fact, international street art stars, Space invaders, Seth, Cyclops Compete with Sun King... For the children (and parents!)

Included in the curriculum, it is an ideal choice for children aged 5-12:

  • 1 turnkey outputStep by step (Planning), games or rest areas, restaurant ideas,
  • Page ofFamily challengesLet you earn points and win the rewards you built as a family (Pajama night or top family leader...)
  • Page ofInteresting anecdotesLive / route artist
  • Duration 1 hour / 1 hour 15 minutes, no rest and challenge
  • Departure and arrival in front of Versailles Palace

Everything is ready! You can breathe quietly and enjoy this great family activity!

Special covid: -) outdoor (excluding visiting the castle), completely autonomous, no need to book or contact others

In the photo below, make sure you are within 10km of the course

You can buy a one-way ticket (6 euro per time for a family) or a package at a special price (see below)

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